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I have a multi module sbt application, where one of the modules is a play application.

So my module layout is like:

/module1/ /module2/ /module-web <-- this is play 2.x /module3/

Now in my other modules I am using the typesafe configuration library (com.typesafe.config).

Now I have a module, module3, that will be used inside of my module-web (play) and it will also be used in another project. I will synchronize the application.conf so it is the same in both the play project and in the other project.

My question is, how can I access the play application.conf from inside of module3?

module3 does not have the play framework as a dependency, just the typesaf config library.

I know play lets you do:


Is there something similiar but not using the Play.current method?

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You can use the ConfigFactory class (most probably the load method will fit your needs and you can also look at the parseString/parseFile methods), then call toConfig():

import com.typesafe.config.ConfigFactory
import play.api.Configuration

val config = new Configuration(ConfigFactory.load())
config.getString("db.driver") ..etc
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