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I tried to play with Mobile Backend Starter's query, everything runs normal, except for it's always being treated as Continuous Query.

Here's my code :

mProcessingFragment.getCloudBackend().listByKind("kind", CloudEntity.PROP_CREATED_AT, Order.DESC, 1000, Scope.PAST, new CloudCallbackHandler<List<CloudEntity>>(){});

Then, in logcat :

I/CloudBackend(18413): Continous Query Added: _broadcast. Current cont queries : {_broadcast=com.google.cloud.backend.core.CloudBackendAsync$ContinuousQueryHandler@406e55c8}

I tried to log in CloudBackendAsync.list

if (query.isContinuous()) {
    Log.i(Consts.TAG, "Scope is " + query.getScope().name());

and the output in logcat is printed "Scope is FUTURE"

Is it always like this? Or there is some kind of bug in the code somewhere?


EDIT : So I tried to do more logging on CloudBackendAsync.list, turns out the list method is called twice 1. Continuous Query for _CloudMessages ,2. My real query with Scope set to PAST

I tried to look who is calling code on number 1 , but got no clue until now, any help would be appreciated

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