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I did a git on the app and then created a project in eclipse from existing code. I chose 2.1 as the sdk target but I am getting errors trying to compile.

Is the music app referencing code that is not part of the 2.1 sdk? Can someone list the steps for how to compile in eclipse?

Description Resource Path Location Type ArrayListCursor cannot be resolved to a type Music/src/com/android/music line 529 Java Problem MediaFile cannot be resolved

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Is the music app referencing code that is not part of the 2.1 sdk?

Absolutely. Most of the built-in apps for Android were created before there was an SDK. You will not be able to build them in isolation from the rest of the firmware without substantial work. Work which, BTW, would be welcome contributions back to the Android open source project, if you were so inclined... :-)

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Check the applications manifest file. It will contain an attribute stating which version of the SDK the application was built with.

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