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HI i'm working with the Java-Api of mongo-db.

I have to cast verry often like this

BasicDBList points = ((BasicDBList) ((BasicDBObject) currentObject.get("poly")).get("coordinates"));

which is not fun. Am i missing something or it is just the way to do it?

i think BasicDBObject should have functions like

BasicDBObject getBasicDBObject(String key)
BasicDBList getBasicDBList(String key)
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Unfortunately, the current java driver is not perfect and it is difficult to avoid casting as you mentioned. However, java driver team is working on the next version and as far as I understand it will be completely rewritten.

In one of the mongodb meetup I heard that the new version will make use of asynchronous API, similar to the node driver. I guess we need to sit tight and wait for the next major release.
Alternatives, are (from Mongo Java drivers & mappers performances):

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thanks, is there any alternative for the default java driver? Or is it possible to access a beta of the new driver? –  wutzebaer Jun 23 at 19:59
@wutzebaer There are two other alternatives, look at this thread: stackoverflow.com/questions/12914006 –  naimdjon Jun 23 at 20:22

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