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I installed a WordPress Widget ("Meetup Widgets" by Kelly Dwan) that extracts information from my Meetup events and embeds them on my WordPress site. All works fine, except the event time is always 2 hours ahead - e.g. if an event is at 6 pm, the text output is 8 pm.

When looking at the code, I find...

global $event; 
if ( isset( $event->time ) ) {
    $date = date( 'F d, Y @ g:i a', intval( $event->time/1000 + $event->utc_offset/1000) );
} else {
    $date = apply_filters( 'vsm_no_date_text', '' );

I tried changing the numbers around "time/1000" and "utc_offset/1000" which manages to change the time in the text output, but I cannot find the exact number for the correct time.

FYI my timezone is GMT/London (currently UTC+1).

I have searched for similar questions on UTC offset in php but didn't find anything relevant to what I am looking for.

Note that I have nothing more than a "copy/paste" knowledge of php, i.e. not much but am good at piecing together stuff for my needs e.g. basic editing of Wordpress widgets... sometimes.

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