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Okay, I am really stuck here.

I have a table of tr's that have id's: #tr_xx where xx is a number.

item is a number.

The if(... part makes sure that what follows is only executed once at the end of all the animations.

$('#tr_' + item + '>td').fadeOut('slow', function() {                
    if($('#tr_' + item + '>td:animated').length === 0)
        // This function recolors the rows
        // -not really related to this

The problem is that the tr does not get deleted. It just gets hidden.

How can I delete the <tr> and not just hide it?

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this should do the trick:

$('#tr_'+item).fadeOut('slow', function(){

EDIT: For IE, try

$('#tr_'+item).css('display', 'block').fadeOut('slow', function(){

I don't know if this will work or not, coz I don't have IE to test it out. Thing is, default display of <tr> is 'table-row', which might the problem in IE.

And of course, the other thing you could do is put up a big banner or the page saying IE should Die.

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Ya but then it doesn't work in IE. (The animation doesn't play.) I guess I just have to tell everyone not to use IE. (Which isn't too hard.) – Nathan Osman Mar 13 '10 at 5:42

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