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How can I return an response (lets say an array) to the client with a name assign to it form a python script.

echo '{"jsonValidateReturn":'.json_encode($arrayToJs).'}';

in this scenario it returns an array with the name(jsonValidateReturn) assign to it also this can be accessed by jsonValidateReturn[1],so I want to do the same using a python script.

I tried it once but it didn't go well

array_to_js = [vld_id, vld_error, False]
array_to_js[2] = False
jsonValidateReturn = simplejson.dumps(array_to_js)
return HttpResponse(jsonValidateReturn, mimetype='application/json') 


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Try this for the last two lines:

jsonValidateReturn = simplejson.dumps({'jsonValidateReturn': array_to_js})
return HttpResponse(jsonValidateReturn, mimetype='application/json') 
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