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Here is a fiddle: jsfiddle

Here is what I'd like to achieve:

  • The user is shown the first drop down that has selection experiece, degree, etc.
  • after they choose a drop down selection a text box pops up
  • if they choose experience than the years select box shows up
  • after the element is filled it shows the next drop down for selecting experience,etc.

Here are my issues:

  • if i choose experience and then choose something else the years experience box doesn't hide based on me not choosing experience the second time
  • the logic which shows and hides the boxes is pretty linear. it just pops up the next subsequent box based on the prior one being used. this isn't going to work out well because what id like to have is if the div box gets used and then erased i want it to be hidden again

So, in summary:

  • the experience select option should show the years experience select box. if they go back and change it, if the value is not experience than it should hide the experience select box
  • after they type in a tag it should show a new div containing the select box to choose experience, degree, etc.
  • i need a nifty logic that shows and hides the divs so that way if they decide to click, for example, a remove it will update the list to show only active ones and then show a new select box containing the experiemce,degree,etc.
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