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So I Have this form which fields are select fields.The view looks like this:


The amount of these fields is changing (depending on the database). So how can i use bindFromRequest function? I tried to do this analougusly to the login form (class with fields which names was the same as the names of the fields in form). But in this case i cant do it because i dont know how many fields should i create and how to name them. I tried to use arraylist, but it doesnt work. My code which is executed after the POST request:

public static Result postBook() {

        Form<BookMatchFormData> formData = Form.form(BookMatchFormData.class)
        ArrayList<String> ids = UserInfoDB.getIds();
        for(String id: ids) {
            if(formData.field(id).equals("0")) {
                UserInfoDB.addBook(Secured.getUserInfo(ctx()).getEmail(), id, "0");
        UserInfoDB.addBook(Secured.getUserInfo(ctx()).getEmail(), "35", "0");
        return redirect(routes.Application.bookmatches());

The BookMatchFormData contains only this:

public class BookMatchFormData {

public BookMatchFormData(){}

public ArrayList<String> names;

public List<ValidationError> validate() { 
    return null;

What am I doing wrong? Maybe everything? Maybe there is another way to do it?

Thanks for your help

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