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I have an Input Element type='text' which gets into a buggy state in iOS Safari, such that the input element appears focused and dispatches keyup events but does not update the value of the field; no new characters are visible as the user types. In a website I am building I trigger this state after resizing** a focused text input element***. I have made a jsfiddle which reliably reproduces the bug:

<input id='ipt' type='text' style='width:250px;height40px;'/> 

  var ipt = document.getElementById('ipt');
  ipt.addEventListener("keyup", onkeyup, false);
  function onkeyup(e){ = '100px';  
    ipt.removeEventListener("keyup", onkeyup, false);

To reproduce the bug:

  1. Open in iOS Safari
  2. Focus the input element with a tap
  3. Pinch zoom to show the full width of the input (necessary to trigger bug)
  4. Type something

I would like to understand why it is getting into this buggy state, and how I might be able to avoid it. It may well involve being in an iframe and the document settings. I have to be in an iframe, and I need to change the width of the text field.

Or how to get out of this state. I can detect that I am in the state, by listening for keyup and checking the value at the insertion point compared with the key value in the event. I tried toggling readonly, resetting the value, focus(), toggling inputmode...

** I want to resize the element - so that there is more horizontal space to type when the keyboard is up.

* I am pretty sure that other conditions are necessary to get into this state, however I am not sure of the exact conditions.

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