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Pardon the sloppy title but it's a reflection of my frustration. I've been trying for a very long time now to do a task that I imagine is simple if I only knew my way around PHP, MVC and OOP a little better.

I am attempting to write a plugin for the Ushahidi platform. The purpose of the plugin is to add meta tags to the header of certain "report" pages. Ushahidi uses MVC framework called Kohana. The current version of Ushahidi uses Kohana 2.

Here's an example of what I'm trying to do: http://milwaukee.trashswag.com/index.php/reports/view/37

The id for this "report" is 37. $id is dynamic depending which page the visitor is on. Some sample html from the link provided is:

<h1 class="report-title">Cabinet</h1>
<p class="report-when-where">
<span class="r_date">11:12 Jan 10 2014 </span>
<span class="r_location">123 Main St, Milwaukee, WI, United States</span>

When I look at the detail.php file for Ushahidi which generates this html (The "view" in MVC, I believe), the following code exists:

<h1 class="report-title"><?php
            echo html::escape($incident_title);

The word "Cabinet" within the h1 tags is pulled from the data base. I know that the table it comes from is called "incident". Ushahidi uses MVC framework Kohana to do this and I know that the controller used to render the page is called reports.php and that within reports.php the specific function is called view. Here is the top of view():

     * Displays a report.
     * @param boolean $id If id is supplied, a report with that id will be
     * retrieved.
    public function view($id = FALSE)
        $this->template->header->this_page = 'reports';
        $this->template->content = new View('reports/detail');

        // Load Akismet API Key (Spam Blocker)
        $api_akismet = Kohana::config('settings.api_akismet');

        // Sanitize the report id before proceeding
        $id = intval($id);

        if ($id > 0 AND Incident_Model::is_valid_incident($id,TRUE))
            $incident = ORM::factory('incident')

            // Not Found
            if ( ! $incident->loaded) 

Using the specific report example url provided above, I want to create a meta tag in the header like so:

<meta name="description" content="Cabinet">

Seems tantalizingly simple but apparently not. All I want is to get "Cabinet" from the database, or whatever the report (incident) title is for each report page.

Similar, for the following pages I'd like to retrieve from the database: Desks broken: http://milwaukee.trashswag.com/index.php/reports/view/36 Dean drawers: http://milwaukee.trashswag.com/index.php/reports/view/35 etc

Here is the plugin thus far, I've only included a fraction of the things I've tried (see commented out code):


class SearchShare{

    public function __construct(){
        //hook into routing
        Event::add('system.pre_controller', array($this, 'SearchShareDiscover'));
    public function SearchShareDiscover(){
        Event::add('ushahidi_action.header_scripts', array($this, 'AddMetaTags'));
    public function AddMetaTags(){
        // just seeing if I can get any code to run

                //$incititle = ORM::factory('incident')
                //->where('incident_title', 'incident')->find();

                    //echo $this->content->incident_title; // given undefined variable

                    //$incident_title = $incident->incident_title;

                    //echo incident_title; // gives "undefined variable "incident""

                //echo html::escape($incident_title); // gives undefined variable

                echo 'Hello!'; // just seeing that something goes into the right place
new SearchShare;

What is the proper way to pull data from the database using Kohana MVC in this way?

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