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I have Thinktecture Identity server setup and I think that is running ok.

I use the following to get a token to try and use to authenticate the next request. It is going to the following url:


var client = new OAuth2Client(
            new Uri(Constants.OAuth2.LocalBaseAddress),

var response = client.RequestAccessTokenUserName(

I have another application that is set up to use the same Identity server and this is working fine. THere is a asmx call at url


I use the following code to call the web service:

var form = new FormUrlEncodedContent(new Dictionary<string, string>
                { "grant_type", "refresh_token" },
                { "refresh_token", responseToken.RefreshToken },
                { "scope", Constants.Realms.TestRPSymmetric }

string url = "http://localhost:62821/services/CustomerServices.asmx/PingCRM";

var httpClient = new HttpClient();
httpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = new BasicAuthenticationHeaderValue(Constants.Credentials.ValidClientId, Constants.Credentials.ValidClientSecret);

var result = httpClient.PostAsync(new Uri(url), form).Result;

The problem I am having is that the response from the web service call is always the Identity Server login page.

Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong?

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