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I have an application developed in c#. This application send sms to client. This application was doing good till yesterday but suddenly this morning I find that if I start the application it is starting but not showing anywhere in the desktop not even in the task bar. I tried to stop it using the Task manager but I could not find it in the task manager. I have included some function in my code which restricts to run two instances of this application at the same time. So, when I try to run again it shows this Application is already running. I can only close it using TCP Viewer which helps to close background program. But I have not written any line of code to run it on the background. Even when I am debugging it is going to the debug points correctly but not showing the form. Please help me on this.

Here is my form load code as sample:

     private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        tcnt = 1;
        thistime = DateTime.Now.Date;
        techtime = "09:00:01";
        techdate = DateTime.Now.Date;
        dntime = DateTime.Now.Date;
        rebillingdate = DateTime.Now.Date;

        checkState[1] = true;
        checkState[2] = false;
        checkState[3] = false;

        this.tmrLog.Enabled = true;
        this.stStatus.Text = "Form loading";

        string myDate = DateTime.Now.Date.ToString("yyyyMMdd");
        string myFile = null;
        string myDir = "logs\\schedule\\";
        StreamReader sr = default(StreamReader);
        string str = null;

        DirectoryInfo dir = new DirectoryInfo(myDir);
        //DirectoryInfo DirItem = default(DirectoryInfo);
        FileInfo[] dirfiles = null;
        //FileInfo myf = default(FileInfo);

        if (dir.Exists == true)
            foreach (var DirItem in dir.GetDirectories())
                dirfiles = DirItem.GetFiles();
                foreach (var myf in dirfiles)
                    if (myf.Name.IndexOf("schedule") > 0 & myf.Name.IndexOf(myDate) > 0)
                        myFile = "logs\\schedule\\" + DirItem.Name + "\\" + myf.Name;

                        if (DirItem.Name == "48" | DirItem.Name == "IPX")

                            sr = File.OpenText(myFile);
                            while (sr.Peek() != -1)
                                str = sr.ReadLine();
                                lsLog.Items.Insert(0, str);


        tmrLog.Enabled = true;

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have you tried putting some break-points in and find out if it enters your code or not? –  Mehrad Jun 24 at 3:38
yes it enters inside the code correctly. –  barsan Jun 24 at 3:39
Did you check Visibility / Opacity properties of form? –  H. Mahida Jun 24 at 4:58
Could you please provide the code that you used to restrict the second instance and the code which shown the form –  Sumeshk Jun 24 at 7:25
Is InitializeComponent() method called from anywhere? What is value of ShowInTaskbar property of the form? –  Lev Z Jun 24 at 9:02

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