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I have the following subroutine which produces this error but I don't understand why:

Not enough arguments for main::formatdate at C:...pl line 44, near ""May")" Execution of C:...pl aborted due to compilation errors.


sub formatdate($month) {

  if    ($month eq "Jan") {return ".01.";}
  elsif ($month eq "Feb") {return ".02.";}
  elsif ($month eq "Mar") {return ".03.";}
  elsif ($month eq "Apr") {return ".04.";}
  elsif ($month eq "May") {return ".05.";}
  elsif ($month eq "Jun") {return ".06.";}
  elsif ($month eq "Jul") {return ".07.";}
  elsif ($month eq "Aug") {return ".08.";}
  elsif ($month eq "Sep") {return ".09.";}
  elsif ($month eq "Oct") {return ".10.";}
  elsif ($month eq "Nov") {return ".11.";}
  elsif ($month eq "Dec") {return ".12.";}
  else                    {return "N/A";}

print formatdate("May");
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You should read perlsub

You can fix this by changing:

sub formatdate($month) {

To the following:

sub formatdate {
    my $month = shift;
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Thx. It works now. – user3483676 Jun 24 '14 at 4:51

Another way to define your formatdate is

sub formatdate {
  my($month) = @_;

Also, you might want to update your print statement to include a newline

print formatdate("May") . "\n";
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Ok. Thx for the input. – user3483676 Jun 24 '14 at 4:57

Reading perlsub is the advice that you need to fix your subroutine.

However, I'd like to further advise you to recognize the use of a hash whenever you have key/value pairs like you're using. In the below code, I manually specified the hash, but one could also build the hash very easily using just a list of month names:

use strict;
use warnings;

sub formatdate {
    my $month = shift;

    my %monthcode = qw(
        Jan    .01.
        Feb    .02.
        Mar    .03.
        Apr    .04.
        May    .05.
        Jun    .06.
        Jul    .07.
        Aug    .08.
        Sep    .09.
        Oct    .10.
        Nov    .11.
        Dec    .12.

    return $monthcode{$month} || 'N/A';

print formatdate("May");


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