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I am planning to build a bookmarklet / browser extension which would add a side bar with some UI to any web page. To not to corrupt exisiting DOM and break the app by including my JS libraries I am planning to inject an iFrame and build the UI inside the iframe.

This is similar to how Firebuglite will build the panels. Now, to not to get into Cross origin limiation the src of the iframe will "about:blank" and the script would dynamically write a single JS file to be loaded inside the iFrame. Something like this.

var iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
var html = '<body><script src="http://localhost/myUI.js"></script></body>';

Now, in "myUI.js" I can write a self calling method which would go ahead and construct my entire UI, through DOM manipulation. But mainintaing the UI through JS is going to be a pain.

I would like to know is there any option by which we can convert the HTML file to JS Dom operation or any other better way to do it?

I came across Html2JS but it is a pearl script and I am not sure how it can be integrated with the build process.

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