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I have a seconds to time function and I want to always output minutes and seconds values as two digits. In other words 5 would become 05. I used sprintf in the function, but it is not doing anything. The values are still being returned as single digits.

//convert seconds to time
function convertSeconds($seconds)
    // extract hours
    $hours = floor($seconds / (60 * 60));

    // extract minutes
    $divisor_for_minutes = $seconds % (60 * 60);
    $minutes = floor($divisor_for_minutes / 60);

    // extract the remaining seconds
    $divisor_for_seconds = $divisor_for_minutes % 60;
    $seconds = ceil($divisor_for_seconds);

    // return the final array
    $obj = array(
        "h" => (int) $hours,
        "m" => (int) sprintf("%02d", $minutes),
        "s" => (int) sprintf("%02d", $seconds)
    return $obj;
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You have to remove (int) typecasting if you want have output in 2-digit format – hindmost Jun 24 '14 at 7:28

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it's problem with casting you are casting of sprint() not variables so try

$obj = array(
        "h" => (int)$hours,
        "m" => sprintf("%02d", (int)$minutes),
        "s" => sprintf("%02d", (int)$seconds)
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The sprintf function will format a number correctly if you remove the casting to integer:

$obj = array(
    "h" => (int) $hours,
    "m" => sprintf("%02d", $minutes),
    "s" => sprintf("%02d", $seconds)

In the decimal representation integer cannot start with a zero (only hexadecimal, octal and binary representations of integers can start with a zero).

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