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i have a website and i have a Google Analytics code only on index.html code.

What does Avg. Time on Site measure? Average time spend by visitors on all sites or average time on one website (index.html)?


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Average Time on Site measures the time an user spent on all pages (the site). If it would be the time spend on e.g. index.html it would be named "Average Time on Page". Which is hard to measure as people very often keep tabs open will browsing other stuff.

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Thank you. Regards – MB1 Mar 13 '10 at 12:25

Average time on site is also sometimes used to determine a page rank in search. So you must put some effort to increase the average time on site by providing useful content to your readers. So they do not get bored reading your post and leave half way through. The name of the game is keeping those readers engaged, to increase your Average time on site.

I found this post on Google that provides more of an explanation.

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MB, reading this page may be helpful for you.

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The average time (avg) is a metric responsible
to calculate the average time people spend visiting a Web page

When the visitor enters the site is made a request for a pageview for the GA, that has the timestamp (time) in which the page was visited. The time the visitor was on the page (Time on Page) will be calculated at the time in which the visitor accesses a page on another site, generating a new request with another timestamp. The way that Google Analytics calculates average time on site is by subtracting the timestamps between the first and the last pageview of a visit. If a visitor to your site bounced, they by definition only had one pageview. Therefore it is impossible to calculate an average time on site for visitors that bounced because they did not have a second pageview. There is no way for Google Analytics to know exactly when a visitor left the site since no information is sent back to GA when the visitor closes their browser or navigates to a different site.

Keep in mind that ‘Average Time on Site’ is skewed by visitors leaving browser windows open when they are not actually viewing or using your site. You can see whether a few visits are skewing your ‘Average Time on Site’ upward or whether most visits to your site have a high average time.

You can read more about here!

or in this thread!

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