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I have a small vba code to export from access to excel. I did a formatting for number data type in my code which changes my date format as well. I don't know the syntax for date format. Could some one help me please.

For your reference,

 For lvlcolumn = 0 To recsetnxair.Fields.Count - 1
     wrksheetnxair.Cells(1, lvlcolumn + 1).Value = _
     wrksheetnxair.Cells(1, lvlcolumn + 1).EntireColumn.NumberFormat = sFromat        
 Next lvlcolumn

This code works perfectly for numbers , now i need for the date as well.

Regards, Jeeva

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Have a look in the documentation for NumberFormat. – MP24 Jun 24 '14 at 19:49

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I have formatted using dbInteger or dbDouble respective field type with a user-defined format.

Regards, Jeeva

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