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So my question is, I made a layer in Tiled and called it block.So is there any way I could make that whenever player tries to walk on block layer he can't...How do I do that? Here's my code: few screen shots: http://prntscr.com/3vya2d (this is how it looks in tiled) in game: http://prntscr.com/3vya9a

    package javagame;
    import org.lwjgl.input.Mouse;
    import org.newdawn.slick.*;
    import org.newdawn.slick.state.*;
    import org.newdawn.slick.tiled.TiledMap;
    public class Play extends BasicGameState{
Animation Hero, movingUp, movingDown, movingLeft, movingRight,standingfront;
private String spriteName = "Heroj";//string above the player
private TiledMap tileMap1;//tiled map
int[] duration = {100,100,100,100};//duration for how long is animation going to                              last
public String mouse = "1";-just for mouse position variable
    float spritePosisionX=0;-map position, and also for moving player
float spritePosisionY=0;-map position, and also for moving player
float shiftX = spritePosisionX + 220;-player's starting position X
float shiftY = spritePosisionY + 200;-player's starting position Y
    //private Music music; -music(that's for background)
private int coveringSprite;-
private int background;-
private int blocked;-
private int grass;-
private int water;-
public Play(int state){


public void init(GameContainer gc,StateBasedGame sbg)throws SlickException{

    /*music = new Music("sounds/PalletTownMix.wav");

    //loading the map
    tileMap1 = new TiledMap("maps/map3.tmx");-

    //making the animations
    Image[] walkUp ={new Image("res/heroback1.PNG"),new          Image("res/heroback2.PNG"),new Image("res/heroback1.PNG"),new Image("res/heroback3.PNG")};
  Image[] standingf = {new Image("res/herofront1.PNG"),new Image("res/herofront1.PNG"),new Image("res/herofront1.PNG"),new Image("res/herofront1.PNG")};
  Image[] walkDown = {new Image("res/herofront1.PNG"), new Image("res/herofront2.PNG"), new Image("res/herofront1.PNG"), new Image("res/herofront3.PNG")};
  Image[] walkRight ={new Image("res/heroright1.PNG"),new Image("res/heroright2.PNG"),new Image("res/heroright1.PNG"),new Image("res/heroright3.PNG")};
  Image[] walkLeft ={new Image("res/heroleft1.PNG"),new Image("res/heroleft2.PNG"),new Image("res/heroleft1.PNG"),new Image("res/heroleft3.PNG")};

  //animation for walking up
  movingUp = new Animation(walkUp,duration);

  //animation for walking down
  movingDown = new Animation(walkDown, duration);

  //animation for standing(none)
  standingfront = new Animation(standingf, duration);

  //animation for right walking
  movingRight = new Animation(walkRight,duration);

  //animation for left walking
  movingLeft = new Animation(walkLeft,duration);

  //sprite's starting animation(he doesn't move,front sprite
  Hero = standingfront;

public void render(GameContainer gc,StateBasedGame sbg,Graphics g) throws SlickException{
    /////////////drawing a map!
    //rendering background
    tileMap1.render((int)spritePosisionX, (int)spritePosisionY,background);
    //rendering blocked tiles
    tileMap1.render((int)spritePosisionX, (int)spritePosisionY,blocked);
    //rendering grass tiles
    tileMap1.render((int)spritePosisionX, (int)spritePosisionY,grass);
    //rendering water tiles
    tileMap1.render((int)spritePosisionX, (int)spritePosisionY,water);
            ///////////drawing a player
    //rendering tiles which cover the sprite
    tileMap1.render((int)spritePosisionX, (int)spritePosisionY,coveringSprite);
    ///////drawing name
    g.drawString(spriteName, shiftX-12, shiftY -20);

    //////////////////////drawing player position
    g.drawString("PlayerPos: "+ spritePosisionX +"," + spritePosisionY, 340, 10);
    //drawing mouse position!
    g.drawString(mouse, 440, 30);

public void update(GameContainer gc,StateBasedGame sbg,int delta)throws SlickException{
    coveringSprite = tileMap1.getLayerIndex("coveringUs");
    background = tileMap1.getLayerIndex("background");
    blocked = tileMap1.getLayerIndex("block");
    grass = tileMap1.getLayerIndex("grass");
    water = tileMap1.getLayerIndex("water");
    //key,mouse input
    Input input = gc.getInput();

    if(input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_W) && input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_A) ||input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_D)){
    else if(input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_W)){
              spritePosisionY += delta * 0.09f;
    if(input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_S) && input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_D) ||input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_A)){
    else if (input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_S)){
    spritePosisionY -= delta * 0.09f;

    if(input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_A) && input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_S) ||input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_W)){
    else if(input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_A)){
        spritePosisionX += delta * 0.09f;

    if(input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_D) && input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_S) ||input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_W)){
    else if(input.isKeyDown(Input.KEY_D)){
        spritePosisionX -= delta * 0.09f;

    //mouse position
    int MouseX= Mouse.getX();
    int MouseY= Mouse.getY();
    mouse = "Mouse Posison:" + MouseX + "," + MouseY;

public int getID(){
    //state ID
    return 1;


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You could try making a "rectangle" object for every tile (Or every tile that is solid)

Rectangle tile = new Rectangle(x,y,width,height);  

Then set up a rectangle object for your character.

Rectangle character = new Rectangle(x,y,width,height); 

Then, use a "for loop" to run through the tile map and check for a collision. e.g.

for(int i=0; i<tileMap1.size(); i++){
    //Do something..
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