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I'm new with EhCache, so maybe my question is silly, but anyway: I'm using EhCache with Spring. And have this in my DAO:

@Cacheable(value="product", key="#id")
public Product getProductById(Integer id) {//some code;}

public List<Product> getAllProducts() {//some code;}

I want to update my productList cache when I delete or update some product. Can I do smthg like this in my code to resolve this issue (in this example productList and product caches both deleted):

@Caching(evict={@CacheEvict(value="productList", allEntries=true), @CacheEvict(value="product", key="#id")})
public boolean deleteProductById(Integer id) { //some code;}

Maybe, there is some way to do this without annotation. Be glad for any advice. Thank you.

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It looks correct. Have you tried it? –  geoand Jun 24 at 10:35
Yes I tried it. This code just delete my product and productList cache. But I don't want to delete productList cache. I want find object by some key in productList cache and delete just it, without productList cache delete. Can I do this? –  java_padawan Jun 24 at 12:39
Have you check out @CachePut? –  geoand Jun 24 at 12:44
Yes, but I can't understand how can I use it. I should write smthg like this: @Caching(evict={ @CacheEvict( value = "product", key = "#id")}, put= { @CachePut(value = "productList", key="#id")}) above my delete method? Maybe you have some example? Thanks for your answer. –  java_padawan Jun 24 at 13:22
Try simply using @Caching{put={@CachePut(value="productList", key="#id"), @CachePut(value="product", key="#id")} and let me know –  geoand Jun 24 at 13:28

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