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I have this query which works fine except that when I click on a toggle item that is already open, it slides up but then it slides down right away. You can see it here.

The query is :

$(".faqtopics").click(function(event) {

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Use .stop()

Description: Stop the currently-running animation on the matched elements.


$(".faqtopics").click(function(event) {


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Sorry Satpal, it's working good on jsfiddle but not on my website! Do you have an idea why? –  Arone Jun 24 at 12:06
@Arone, Are you getting any error in browser console? –  Satpal Jun 24 at 12:13
no, everything is fine on my website except that I can'y click anymore on the toggle –  Arone Jun 24 at 12:21
Sorry it's working now! I forgot to use the var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); Thanks a lot for your help! –  Arone Jun 24 at 12:29

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