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How do I store java Map as an array in mongodb? So I have: Collection "items":

  name:"Harry Potter Book",

And collection bestOf:

  toys:{<embedded item>},
  books:{<embedded item>},

And I want to store properties of the item as an array in mongodb, and represent it as a map in java class. I have tried to use event listeners, they work fine for inserting an item, but there is no event for when I update bestOf collection to set embedded items in one of the keys(toys, books ...). If I use custom converters I have to convert each and every field of the items collection, which can complicate maintenance of that code (somebody has to add field, then convert it with converter). Is there something I can call to convert that class for me in a default way, so that I just have to change the value of the properties field? I don't wan't to use converter for the map because I need this behavior only for this map in this class.

Currently I am using custom MappingMongoConverter that checks the name of the property, but that is not very pretty solution. Along with that I have to user Read converter that converts ArrayList to Map, because for some reason MappingMongoConverter is handling arrays in that way.

Is there any nicer solution for my problem?

public class CustomMongoConverter extends MappingMongoConverter {
public CustomMongoConverter(MongoDbFactory mongoDbFactory, MappingContext<? extends MongoPersistentEntity<?>, MongoPersistentProperty> mappingContext) {
    super(mongoDbFactory, mappingContext);
    conversionService.addConverter(new ItemReadConverter());

protected DBObject createMap(Map<Object, Object> map, MongoPersistentProperty property) {
    Assert.notNull(map, "Given map must not be null!");
    Assert.notNull(property, "PersistentProperty must not be null!");

    if ("properties".equals(property.getFieldName())) {
        return writeCategoryMap(map, new BasicDBList(), property.getTypeInformation());
    return super.createMap(map, property);

protected DBObject writeCategoryMap(Map<Object, Object> obj, BasicDBList dbo, TypeInformation<?> propertyType) {

    for (Map.Entry<Object, Object> entry : obj.entrySet()) {
        Object key = entry.getKey().toString();
        Object val = entry.getValue().toString();
        String simpleKey = potentiallyEscapeMapKey(key.toString());
        BasicDBObject propDbObj = new BasicDBObject();
        propDbObj.put(simpleKey, val);
    return dbo;


public class ItemReadConverter implements Converter<ArrayList<String>, Map<Object, Object>> {

public Map<Object, Object> convert(ArrayList<String> source) {
    Map<Object, Object> stringMap = new HashMap<Object, Object>();

        for(String object: source) {
            DBObject dbObject = (DBObject) JSON.parse(object);
            String catName = dbObject.keySet().iterator().next();
            stringMap.put(catName, dbObject.get(catName).toString());

    return stringMap;


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