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I have a WPF usercontrol with a combobox & textbox. I want the textbox to hold the value of the selected item in the combobox and it works fine if I use SelectedValue in the binding path. However if I try to use the Title column of the combobox (SelectedValue.Title) the value of the textbox is overwritten but nothing is displayed. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? My code sample is below. I am a newbie at this so please be kind :)

        <ComboBox x:Name="ComboProject"  Grid.Column="4" Grid.Row="0" TabIndex="14"
           ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource Projects}, XPath=./Project}" 
           Tag="Project Number" 
                    <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
                        <TextBlock Text= "{Binding XPath= @Item}" Width="90"  />
                        <TextBlock Text= "{Binding XPath= @Title}" Width="220" />
        <TextBox x:Name="loaded" Text="{Binding Path=SelectedValue.Title, NotifyOnSourceUpdated=True, ElementName=ComboProject}"  Grid.Row="2" Grid.Column="4" Tag="Project Title" TabIndex="15"/>
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You set SelectedValuePath="@Item", so that's what SelectedValue has right now. Try setting it to Title and binding directly to SelectedValue:

<ComboBox x:Name="ComboProject"
          ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource Projects}, XPath=./Project}" 
<TextBox Text="{Binding SelectedValue, ElementName=ComboProject}" />

I removed some other code for clarity of example.

Ok, if you want to use SelectedValue for other purposes we can bind TextBox to SelectedItem instead. If the Title is an attribute of a selected XML node, then we can access it like this:

<TextBox Text="{Binding SelectedItem.Attributes[Title].Value, Mode=OneWay, ElementName=ComboProject}" />
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Thanks for the reply but I need the combobox & textbox to have different values - i.e. combobox has the Item value and textbox has the Title value. I think my approach should work, it is based on samples I found via google, but I must be missing something? – Gerry Jun 24 '14 at 14:52
What do you mean by "have different values"? Display different values? That is set by ItemTemplate in ComboBox, you can have anything you like there (right now I see Item and Title showing there). TextBox is set to display SelectedValue (right now it's Title). Did you try my code? What didn't work? – icebat Jun 24 '14 at 18:21
Using SelectedValue works fine but that gives me two controls with the same data, either Title or Number. The controls are linked to underlying property fields using Tags - when I click Save, the value of the combobox is saved to the Project Number property & the textbox value to the Project Title property. Therefore I need the combobox SelectedValue set to Item and Title in the textbox. I should be able to reference the Title column according to what I have found but I just can't get it to work. Any other suggestions for me? – Gerry Jun 24 '14 at 19:37
I can't suggest anything more cause I don't understand what you are doing. Some more code in your question would surely help. And I don't understand why are you clinging to SelectedValue so much, you can use SelectedItem which will give you the whole node, you can extract any information you like from it, @Gerry. – icebat Jun 25 '14 at 7:38
I thought I explained it clearly, I want the combo box to hold the project number value and when selected the corresponding title is written to the text box. I am not clinging to selectedvalue, I just said that works and I can't figure out how to get the value of the second column of the combo box. Can you give me an example of how to do this please? – Gerry Jun 25 '14 at 10:24

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