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I'd like to add the following template to the start of all stored procedures as part of a documentation policy, eg:


Is it possible to do this in some way, eg, loop through all stored procedures in the database and ALTER them ?

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You could programmatically get stored proc definitions from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES, modify the text, and use EXEC to alter them. This will get you started: SELECT r.ROUTINE_SCHEMA, r.ROUTINE_NAME, r.ROUTINE_DEFINITION FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES r WHERE r.ROUTINE_TYPE = 'PROCEDURE' – DMason Jun 24 '14 at 13:01
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You can do it in a few steps by scripting them and using Find & Replace:

  1. Right click the database name in Management Studio and navigate to Tasks > Generate Scripts
  2. On the Choose Objects page, filter the items you are scripting to Stored Procedures
  3. On the Set Scripting Options page, select Save to new query window
  4. Go through the steps and click Finish

This will script all of your stored procedures to a query window.

Then use find and replace to update the scripted procedures. As we plan to ALTER the stored procedures, we need to replace CREATE with ALTER and also add your comment block before ALTER:

  1. Set Find what text to CREATE procedure
  2. Set Replace with text to your comment block + ALTER procedure, noting the line breaks \n, which are required as the replace field isn't multi line.

---------------------------------------------------\n--- PURPOSE:\n---\n--- UPDATED BY --- UPDATED DATE --- DESCRIPTION----\n---\n---------------------------------------------------\nALTER procedure

In the Find Options, tick Use and select Regular Expression to enable the replacing of line breaks.

Click Replace All, check the script and then execute to alter them all.

Caveat: I've done this in SSMS 2012. From a quick search I believe the scripting options are similar in 2008, but some of the highlighted terminology might be slightly different.

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This should do it and you can create a loop that alters the variables.

DECLARE @CommentToAdd varchar(255)
DECLARE @VariableTextOption varchar(255)
DECLARE @SQLString nvarchar(max)
SET @VariableTextOption = 'some random'
SET @CommentToAdd = '/* This is the header that says ' + @VariableTextOption+ CHAR(13) + 'stuff */ ' + CHAR(13)

--The string manipulation removes existing comments and changes the CREATE instruction to ALTER

exec (@SQLString)
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