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Using the latest version of Keynote for OSX 10.9, I exported my slides as an HTML presentation. I can easily view the presentation in a browser when I open the index.html file on my laptop. To make the presentation available to others, I uploaded the html and assets files created by Keynote to a GitHub repository named However, when you visit the url for the presentation at it does not display in the browser and a 404 error occurs. I have created basic websites on GitHub before with this approach and have not had any issues until now. It seems like there is something not compatible with the Keynote html and GitHub.

Any suggestions on how to use GitHub to host a website for Keynote presentations exported as HTML?

The direct link to the repository for the html, css, and javascript files is at

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I think you're confusing the two types of GitHub Pages:

User & Organization Pages

User & Organization Pages live in a special repository dedicated to GitHub Pages files. You will need to name this repository with the account name, e.g. atmos/

  • You must use the username/ naming scheme.
  • Content from the master branch will be used to build and publish your GitHub Pages site.

Note that these types of pages only work when the name of the repository matches your GitHub user name:

Tip: You can only use your own account name for a User or Organization Page repository. A repository like joe/ will not build a User Pages site.

So your Pages site isn't a User or Organization page.

The other kind of Pages site is a Project Page:

Project Pages

Unlike User and Organization Pages, Project Pages are kept in the same repository as their project. These GitHub Pages are similar to User and Organization Pages, with a few slight differences:

  • The gh-pages branch is used to build and publish Project Pages sites.
  • If no custom domain is used, the Project Pages sites are served under a subpath of the User Pages site:
  • A custom domain on User and Organization Pages sites applies the same domain redirect to all Project Pages sites hosted under that account. Project Pages sites that use a custom domain are also available at
  • Custom 404s will only work if a custom domain is used. Otherwise, the User Page 404 is used.

So you could set up a Project Page on, but to do so you'll need to rename your repository to simply presy and migrate your content from the master branch to a branch called gh-pages.

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Ah, I was getting confused with the Organization Pages vs Project Pages. Previously, I had setup a page as an Organization Page so I was assuming that method worked for Project Pages. So, as you suggested, I put the HTML files for the presentation into a gh-pages branch and everything works fine now. Thanks for the help! – wigging Jun 24 '14 at 16:06

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