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JSON String:


  "name":"Zickey attitude - McKinley,
   La Rosi\u00e8re,
   21 ao\u00fbt 2006",


this causes an unterminated string in JavaScript.

My attempt at a solution is:

data.replace(/(\S)\1(\1)+/g, '');


data.replace(/\\u([0-9A-Z])/, '');

any ideas/solution?


last node is the problem, fyi.

(/\\u([0-9A-Z])/, '\1');
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2 Answers 2

Your problem is not the unicode escapes, but the unescaped newlines.

    "name":"Zickey attitude - McKinley,\nLa Rosi\u00e8re,\n21 ao\u00fbt 2006"
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how to solve it? i can not access a loop to select just the names and replace with \\n \\r what ever the newlines? – user293006 Mar 13 '10 at 16:23

well, the error occures only when using jsonpretty :).

shame on me ;)

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