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I have a directive that, on demand sets the src attribute to a template which in turn populates the contents of a div:

    <div  ng-include src="templateSrc"></div>           

The template that loads inside the div in turn loads other partials using ng-include

 <div  ng-controller="Controller">
     <div ng-include src="otherTemplateSrc"></div>

Within the last child template loaded there is a close button where on click it calls a function in the parent directive (my-directive) to remove its contents. Everything works fine so far.

My question is how to remove the contents of the directive in such a way as not to leave memory leaks?

I can simply do element.remove(); but that leaves all sorts of detached elements. I thought of having $destroy listeners in all child controllers, directives etc where i can do my clean up ($scope.$destroy) but that seems too messy.

What would be the best practice in angular to do something like this?

Thank you in advance.

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