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I am wondering is it possible to access the internal Network Notification on the android devices? I want to monitor/scan for wireless networks and I'm wondering if it's possible to plug into what's already there internally?

I know you can use a connectivity manager (which uses a broadcast receiver) and I want to be able to check for networks even if the application is in the background so I'm guessing this would be a quite draining on the battery so that's a non runner.

Also I know what I can use the wifi manager, however, again I need to perform scans using a broadcast receiver which again I guess would be quite draining on the battery.

So I'm wondering if these are my only options or is it possible to 'plug in' to the network notifications?

I have seen a similar post on here but connectivity manager is what was suggested...so I'm wondering if that's the way I need to go?


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in API 18 you can use NotificationListenerService and you get notified when a new notification is put in the notification bar and you can then know when a network is available but at that point you might as well use the ConnectivityManager –  tyczj Jun 24 '14 at 15:54
Thanks for that tyczj..much appreciated! –  DJ-DOO Jun 24 '14 at 15:58

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