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Is it possible to implement specifications in ACSL for functions usually called at compiling with -lm, as sqrt ? I am using it for Frama-C's plug-in WP.

Here is a small example to illustrate what I would want to do.

/*@ requires sqrt_spec: \forall float x; 
             \model(sqrt(x)) * \model(sqrt(x)) == \model(x);  
    ensures [...] */  

void f (...) {
double y = sqrt x;

Obviously, if I do this WP cries because sqrt doesn't exist when I use it in annotations.

[kernel] user error: unbound function sqrt in annotation

So I would like to define an abstract sqrt, but none of my tests worked :

#define sqrt(x) (...)

For this one I don't see what I could put in (...) as I want a abstract definition instead of re-implementing the whole float sqrt.

/*@  axiomatic SqrtSpec {
logic real sqrt (real x);
} */

And this one doesn't solve my problem :

Neither code nor specification for function sqrt, generating default assigns from the prototype.

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Frama-C has a built-in logic function \sqrt that operates over real number (note that built-in functions and predicates usually are prefixed with a backslash \ to avoid any collision with existing C identifiers). That said, it is not that difficult to provide an axiomatic definition for sqrt:

axiomatic Sqrt {
  logic real sqrt(real);
  axiom real_def: \forall real x; x >= 0 ==> x == sqrt(x) * sqrt(x);

Note in addition that Gappa (http://gappa.gforge.inria.fr/) is about the only automated prover that knows about floating-points (as opposed to real numbers), but even if you have installed it, discharging proof obligations dealing with floating point computations can be very hard.


If you want to axiomatize double sqrt(double) (and/or float sqrt(float)), the idea would be to characterize the error relative to the result of \sqrt operating on reals, i.e. something akin to

axiomatic Sqrt {
  logic float sqrt(float sqrt);
  axiom sqrt_def: \forall float x; \is_finite(x) && x>= 0.0 ==> sqrt(x) ==  (float)\sqrt(x);

Of course, this characterization might be a bit restrictive. You might want something like \abs(sqrt(x) - \sqrt(x)) <= err_bound * \sqrt(x), but I have to admit that I'm not fluent enough in floating-point computations to give the appropriate value of err_bound from the top of my head.

Update 2

Assuming that you have a logic sqrt that has the properties you want, saying that the C sqrt has the same behavior is simply a matter of giving a contract to it:

/*@ requires \is_finite(x); //unless you want to play with NaN or infinities 
    assigns \nothing;
    ensures \result == sqrt(x);
extern float sqrt(float x);

Specifications of a function are merged during the link phase, so that it does not matter whether this contract is written in math.h (NB: in the standard header sqrt takes (and returns) a double, it is sqrtf that operates on float) or in your own file.

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I am sorry, I had probably been a bit unclear. I am looking for a specification concerning the C function sqrt, operating on floats. That is why I used \model() in my example. My specification as for aim to specify that we assume that the C sqrt function as some properties, like correctness (the requires in my post) or boundaries from correctness. And I am actually implementing floats knowledge on WP... –  Nilexys Jun 24 '14 at 19:28
OK, I did update my answer to introduce logic float sqrt(float) –  Virgile Jun 25 '14 at 8:23
IEEE 754 specifies sqrt as one of the operations that must be correctly rounded. In other words, sqrt(x) == (float)\sqrt(x) is a pretty good axiomatization for most usecases. –  Pascal Cuoq Jun 25 '14 at 9:22
It is interesting, thank you, but I already knew that and it is not what is bothering me. I know that my English doesn’t help, sorry. I don't want an axiomatic sqrt. My problem is to ensure Frama-C that the sqrt (the C function) that I am using below has actually good properties, as a precondition. Doing what you suggest me doesn’t change anything to the lack of informations concerning the C function sqrt (introduced by -lm) that owns WP. I will still have the same warning : [kernel] warning: Neither code nor specification for function sqrt, generating default assigns from the prototype. –  Nilexys Jun 25 '14 at 12:20
So I how to say Frama-C/WP : "Hey buddy, please assume that [the C-function] sqrt(x) == (float)\sqrt(x), and generate me preconditions with it". Do you guys know how to do this ? –  Nilexys Jun 25 '14 at 12:21

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