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Has anyone been able to play You Tube videos (hosted by You Tube) inside the MediaElement player in WordPress?

I'm was hoping to use the same player for self-hosted, You Tube, and Vimeo videos, but it's breaking in odd ways.

The author, John Dyers, gives this example: http://mediaelementjs.com/examples/?name=youtube.

His page plays on my Android phone, but when I drop his example code into WordPress, I get a black player with strange dimensions, and the start button off to the left side, outside the player.

Same story with this shortcode:

[video id="player1" width="800" height="450" source type="video/youtube" src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VumrpkL6RS0"]

I'm not using the MediaElement plugin, figuring that it was built into the core.

If you've figured this out, please post a solution ;-)

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Here is a working sample jsfiddle.net/5KQec/1 if that helps. Just bear in mind that you shouldn't use the same ID as you use for your self-hosted video, otherwise you may need to use the MEJS properties to pause, set the new src and play the new video within the same selector ... or just bind all videos by setting video tag instead of a #player1 selector –  JFK Jun 24 '14 at 17:37

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