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How can I add all of my array values together in PHP? Is there a function for this?

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next time provide more input. your array may contain numbers, so are you adding them up to give you a sum ? or do you want to join them to become one long string. ? – ghostdog74 Mar 13 '10 at 16:54
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If your array consists of numbers, you can use array_sum to calculate a total. Example from the manual:

$a = array(2, 4, 6, 8);
echo "sum(a) = " . array_sum($a) . "\n";

If your array consists of strings, you can use implode:

implode(",", $array);

it would turn an array like this:


into a string like this:

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if your array are all numbers and you want to add them up, use array_sum(). If not, you can use implode()

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array_sum function should help. Here I presume your array comprises of integer or float values.

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Let the given array values may contain integer or may not be. It would be better to have check and filter the values.

$array = array(-5, "  ", 2, NULL, 13, "", 7, "\n", 4, "\t",  -2, "\t",  -8);

// removes all NULL, FALSE and Empty Strings but leaves 0 (zero) values

$result = array_filter( $array, 'is_numeric' );
echo array_sum($result);
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Clever but unnecessary. array_sum() will cast strings to numbers anyway, so there's no need for this. If an array element returns false for is_numeric() then it will give zero when converted, and thus won't have any impact on array_sum, so there's no point filtering it. In your code, array_sum($array) will give the same result as array_sum($result), without having to do the filtering. – Spudley May 24 '13 at 13:24
Thanks for the comments.. I just tried to cover up all the possible scenarios in an array. – Vineet Kadkol May 25 '13 at 5:27

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