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I have following menu for my toolbar:

enter image description here

Is it any simple way to exclude "Text Only" from this menu?

I know it NSToolbarDisplayModeLabelOnly, but did not found place to say don't use it.

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My team found solution. Simple category for NSToolBar.
And this category can be used for add custom items to menu.


#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@interface NSToolbar (ContextMenu)
- (void) disableTextOnlyMode;


#import <AppKit/NSToolbar.h>
#import "NSToolbar+ContextMenu.h"

@implementation NSToolbar (ContextMenu)
- (NSView*) __toolbarView {
    return (NSView*)[self valueForKey:@"_toolbarView"];
- (void) disableTextOnlyMode {
    NSView *toolbarView = [self __toolbarView];
    NSMenu *toolbarMenu =;
    for (NSMenuItem *item in [toolbarMenu.itemArray objectEnumerator]) {
        if (item.action == @selector(changeToolbarDisplayMode:) && item.tag == 3) {
            [toolbarMenu removeItem:item];
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