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I have to design a webpage in Flask. In this WebPage, I have to prompt the user to select multiple field like branch, name, and retrieve a text field from the user.

The following is my form class (

class ProjectSelect(Form):
   branch = SelectField('Branch')
   name = SelectField('Name)
   comments = TextField('Comments')

My is as follows:

  @app.route('/user/<email>', methods=["GET", "POST"])
  def user(email):
    branch_list = Dummy.query.all()
    name_list = Dummy1.query.all()
    form = ProjectSelect()
    form.branch.choices = branch_list = name_list
    if form.validate_on_submit():
       # How to get data??
       return redirect(url_for('index'))

    return render_template('index.html')

Currently, I have not designed the html template for this setup. I'm not sure how to code that since I'm new to both HTML and Flask. As the view suggests, I need to implement 2 select fields based on branch_list and name_list. I need a single submit button to select data from the two selectfield and from one textfield and I need to retrieve the data back to my How do I do this?

As a next step, the name select field is dependent on the value selected on the branch select field. How do I dynamically update the selectfield in html to do this?

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You asked several questions in this post.

1) To get data (after if form.validate_on_submit():), you'll use something like:

`if form.validate_on_submit():
       branch =
       name =
       # do something with branch and name
       return redirect(url_for('index'))`

2) Your view should look something like this:

`<form method="post">
{{ form.csrf_token }}
{{ form.branch.label }}{{ form.branch }}
{{ }} {{ }}
{{ form.comments.label}} {{ form.comments }}
{{ form.submit }}

3) You are missing the submit field in your ProjectSelect class definition. You need:

`submit = SubmitField("Submit")`

Note: Be sure your import statement (at the top of the file) has this:

from wtforms import SubmitField, SelectField

4) In your, on the last line, where you have return render_template('index.html'), you need to pass in the form object:

return render_template('index.html', form=form)

5) To implement a SelectField with predefined choices, use this:

name = SelectField('Name', choices=name_choices)

Note: This assumes name_choices is defined as list like this:

name_choices = ['Choice One', 'Choice Two']

6) Your code sample has a syntax error in the ProjectSelect class:


name = SelectField('Name)


name = SelectField('Name')

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This is good! Now moving on, There is function validate_on_submit. Similarly, is there some function that is triggered when the user selects an option in the branch list? . I want this so that I can automatically update the name list based on the branch that is selected. If my understanding is right. validate_on_submit is triggered only after the submit button is clicked right? – Django Jun 25 '14 at 17:04
@Django that's correct. validate_on_submit is only triggered upon submission (in the HTML context). You'll want to use JavaScript to maintain a list of possible choices based on the branch that's selected (e.g. if branch is X show Y choices). Then, you could implement a custom validator within your form class to make sure the values that are received match what is expected for the branch that is chosen. – okoboko Jun 25 '14 at 20:34

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