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I am working on a Spring Project on a JBoss server. I am facing a situation where I think removing a jar from the deployment may solve all the issues. But I want to keep the JAR in compile time so that I can use it in the classes.

I want to know how I can remove a jar from deployment only but keep it during the run time.

Probably, this is not the question to be asked on SO, as a matter of fact, SO is all about Coders and its main intention is to help us in solving a problem.

So, anyone ? How I can do this ?

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What build tool are you using? Maven, Ant or IDE based? –  Andrea Colleoni Jun 24 at 17:42
I am using Eclipse which is I think IDE based. –  hasH Jun 24 at 17:45

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If you are using Maven, the you need to mark the dependency as provided.

For example


If you are using Gradle the corresponding element would be providedCompile. The code would look like:

providedCompile 'log4j:log4j:1.2.17'

For an Eclipse based build, check out this SO post

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Can you provide method for eclipse ? –  hasH Jun 24 at 17:46
@hasH Check out my update –  geoand Jun 24 at 17:49
Right now. I am away from my PC. I will accept your answer as soon as I try mentioned method. Thanks. –  hasH Jun 24 at 17:53
No problem! Hope it helps! –  geoand Jun 24 at 18:01

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