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If I go to the Google Earth demo Hello Earth in IE11, I see a message that I need to download the Google Earth Plugin. This is true even if I set Compatibility View for the site. The site works in Chrome 35 on Win7 Pro. On another machine with Win7 Home and IE 11, I can get the site to work if I set IE Compatibility View.

If I click the button to download in IE11, the plugin installs. Then no demos work in IE11 or Chrome on the Win7 Pro machine. I get a message that says the "plugin was recently updated.." and the version just says "Loading". On my site I have a callback that produces the following error

google.earth.createInstance failure callback reports only "ERR_VERSION"

I have found no documentation on this error.

On the Win7 Pro machine, I can get it to work again in Chrome and FF 29.0 if I uninstall the plugin (Start-All Programs- Google Earth-Uninstall plugin). After I uninstall and restart the browser I go to my site (or a demo site), it works and reports I am using plugin version 6.1.0. IE11 won't work on that machine at all.

On the Win7 Home machine IE11 works in Compat View and Chrome 35 and FF work fine using version 7.1 of the plugin.

What gives?

My concern is the latest plugin breaks my site (and all the Google Earth API demos).

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Are you perhaps using the 64bit version of IE? –  Fraser Jun 25 '14 at 17:45
They both (32- and 64-bit) behave the same way on my Win7 pro machine. createInstance failure callback is ERR_CREATE_PLUGIN when using the native Google Earth plugin (6.1.0), Hello Earth demo shows image and Download Earth Plugin button. If I download using that button and install plugin, both IE11-32 and IE11-64 then show the Google Plugin was recently updated. Restart the browser message (no matter how many time I restart the browser) on Hello Earth demo, and on my site I get ERR_VERSION error callback. –  hullflyer Jun 26 '14 at 19:16
Hmm - I can confirm it works for me in IE11 win8 and 8.1 pro. Is the Win7 a clean install? Perhaps try removing the plugin and then reinstalling it and resetting the security settings in IE if they are not at default. –  Fraser Jun 26 '14 at 20:48

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