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I'm working on a VB.NET program. Currently I'm facing difficulty of filtering data of the parent and the child.

I use GridControl from DevExpress through :)

This is the code of how I populate my TreeView :

Public Sub fillTreeView(ByVal Key As String, ByVal Txt As String, ByVal N As TreeNode, ByVal sender As Object)
    Dim TN As TreeNode

    If N Is Nothing Then 'if no node
        TN = sender.Nodes.Add(Key, Txt) 'then this will be parent node, create the node
        TN = N.Nodes.Add(Key, Txt) 'use the node to add a child node
    End If

    'get the children of current node
    Dim getCategoryParent As New OleDbCommand("SELECT * FROM tblCategory WHERE cat_parent_id = ?", conn)
    getCategoryParent.Parameters.AddWithValue("cat_parent_id", Key)

    Dim sdr = getCategoryParent.ExecuteReader
    Do While sdr.Read()
        fillTreeView(sdr("cat_id"), sdr("cat_name"), TN, Nothing)
End Sub

Look at the screenshot here : http://puu.sh/9IBcm/491864de17.png

I have Shoes as a "Parent" category, when I click on "Shoes" the GridView will filter accordingly, below is the code fragment I used :

StockGV.ActiveFilter.NonColumnFilter = "[cat_name] = '" & tvCategory.SelectedNode.Text & "'"

But it only filter ONE CATEGORY. Well now my problem is, since "Casual" is the child of "Shoes", so I want it that when I click on "Shoes", it will filter "Shoes" and "Casual".

In other word, when I click on the parent, it shows everything under it too.

What approach can I use to achieve this? Please advice.


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Anyone? Need help please :( –  Milo Juak MuTou Jun 25 '14 at 13:44

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