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In Eclipse when you click on a method name a variable, or an object for example, the same ones are highlighted in a specific color elsewhere in the code for easy finding.

Is there a similar feature in Xcode?

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You can highlight them using a find operation:

If you've selected a word, hit Cmd+E (find based on current selection), Cmd+F (show the find bar), then Cmd+G (find next). You can become very productive in Xcode (or any other OS X app for that matter) through judicious use of Cmd+E, Cmd+F and Cmd+G.

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If you count underlining as highlighting I would say "yes". If you select the Variable and keep the cursor there, Xcode will underline all other instanced of that variable.

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Apple should know… If you going to do something, do it well! The underline is a lame attempt at highlighting. I say, highlight properly or not at all! –  Brad Thomas Dec 23 '13 at 15:35
Apple's highlight is soo poor that I'll always use CTRL + G. –  orafaelreis Aug 23 '14 at 1:46

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