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I have the below formula working fine over large ranges of data in Excel 2007.

In all cases Range1, Range2 and ArrayRange are the same start and end rows.



When I'm updating the formula within a macro, I can't seem to figure out the correct way to formulate the above using VBA.

Can anyone assist with the below?

Not Working:

90thPercentile = Application.Percentile(((Range1 = Value) * (Range2 = Value2), ArrayRange), 0.9)
90thPercentile = Application.Percentile(If(Range1 = Value,IF(Range2 = Value2, ArrayRange))), 0.9)

many thanks Nik

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You can't use arrays like that in VBA. You'd have to use Evaluate and pass the formula string:

90thPercentile = activesheet.evaluate("PERCENTILE(IF(((Range1=Value)*(Range2=Value2)),ArrayRange),0.9)"
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