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The company I work for uses AccuRev for source control, and we have for 5+ years.

We have our setup to have one Production, Stage, Code Review, QA, and Developer Integration stream. Prod, Stage, and QA each represent the code base for those individual server environments. Code Review is a pass through stream, but is used as a stop gap, with permissions only to the Code Review group to validate code before release, and the Developer Integration stream is used to make workspaces off of, as well as to merge conflicts and make sure everything plays happy together prior to releasing to QA. Since we have each stream setup to represent each environment, if there is an issue with what's on Production, we can have a workspace on the production stream, make changes and promote code without needing to worry about going around what's in Stage or QA at the time. And each environment gets updates as changes flow down stream.

Every few years we evaluate our tools and processes, and I am not the developer in charge of that process. As I look at trunk/branch type tools, I'm slightly drawn to the built in integration between Team Foundation, MS Project, and Visual Studio. Unfortunately I've never worked with, or administered, a TFS environment. I do have some old experience with Source Safe and SVN, but only as a user and not administering.

What I'm trying to get a handle around, and I've tried searching but can't find much info, is how TFS would allow us to replicate this separation of Prod, Stage, and QA without adding a lot of overhead related to merging branches and re-branching after each release.

I feel like I need to setup a demo environment and play with it, but that is overwhelming, having zero experience. And not knowing if this is possible, I'm not sure how I'd want to set things up.

So I guess my question is: Can adequately mirror a separation of development environments seamlessly and without adding a bunch of administration time? And can you point me to a good tutorial on how to do this, as my Google-Fu is lacking in this area.

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This is a request for a TFS tutorial, and this is the wrong site for such a request. See blogs.msdn.com/b/willy-peter_schaub/archive/2013/05/16/…, and especially vsarbranchingguide.codeplex.com –  John Saunders Jun 24 at 23:55

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