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I have a project using Play 2.2 and am attempting to upgrade it to Play 2.3.

As part of the build process, we used a custom RequireJS config file "build.js" imported using the option "requireJsShim" in our Build.scala file.

val myProject = Project("MyProject" ....).settings(
    requireJsShim += "build.js"

This correctly used the configuration file "/app/assets/javascripts/build.js for the RequireJS compilation stage.

However after upgrading to Play 2.3, I'm getting the following error

/target/scala-2.10/classes/public/javascripts/build.js does not exist

It appears requireJsShim is looking for the file here, however the new SbtWeb build pipeline is instead placing it here


The requireJsShim option no longer appears to be a documented configuration parameter, and the new options as part of the RJS pipeline don't seem to cover the same use-case. Is there a way of having requireJsSim support in Play 2.3?

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Instead of requireJsShim use RjsKeys.mainConfig := "build"

Also check my answer to a similar question. I've put more information there: Play 2.3 requireJs optimization and shim for multiple modules

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