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I'm using Delphi and DCEF3 XE5 component but the problem is not loading correctly with WebRTC. Even putting the flags "--enable-media-stream" does not allow pick up the camera and microphone. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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what code you tried? what error you get? –  Muath Jun 25 at 7:31
Hello, then just put a TChromium the form, do the navigation for him through the test of WebRTC (apprtc.appspot.com/?r=90463706), and returns me a standard message stating that the site access the camera and microphone were denied. –  Anderson Nunes Jun 25 at 16:56

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Resolved, if someone has the same problem get solved them by doing one of the following points.

  • Check if the webcam is being recognized by Google Chrome.
  • Check that used the flag - enable-media-stream correctly in parameters.

These two steps solved my problem.

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