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Is there any way to post on google plus using public api key. I dont want to go for client id and secret method as that needs user consent and I want to post every activity on google plus automatically as soon as it is generated.

I checked reading of public posts by this

https://www.googleapis.com/plus/v1/people/{user_id}/activities/public?key={public API key}

Thats working fine as expected but my need is to post on my g+ page using API key Please help me out in this or is there any third party library in python which can do the same thing for me like we do in twitter(tweepy)

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You can not automatically post activities to Google+ (Unless you have a Google Apps for Business account). You can either use moments.insert which can be inserted programmatically, or you have to use the embeddable share button.

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Abraham, I have google apps for business account. How can I post activities automatically using that account. I didn't find proper documentation anywhere to do this. –  Nitish Kansal Jun 26 at 8:58
Google Apps has a separate docs section. –  abraham Jun 26 at 17:06
cool, thanks, I will check that out!! thanks for all your help –  Nitish Kansal Jul 11 at 16:09

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