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I have a WMI command to add remote machine to trusted host list . This command works fine. But first time when i stop WINRM and clear the Trusted host list and run my program , I get exception in my program. But when i check through powershell , the host is already added to trusted list and WinRM service is started. My application is in JAVA.

This happens only for the first time, the next time i click again it successfully completes it task. Command :

private static final String HOSTLIST  = "powershell -Command \"&{Set-Item WSMan:\\localhost\\Client\\TrustedHosts -Value %s -force}\"";


ExecuteException: The input object cannot be bound to any parameters for the command either because the command does not take pipeline input or the input and its properties do not match any of the parameters that take pipeline input. 

Code :

private static final String CREATE ="powershell -Command \"& {Invoke-Command %s {mkdir %s} -Authentication Default -credential "+ commandcred +"}\"";
private static final String HOSTLIST  = "powershell -Command \"&{Set-Item WSMan:\\localhost\\Client\\TrustedHosts -Value %s -force}\"";

protected OperationResult createABC(String dirPath)
            throws ExecuteException {
        String addTrustedcommand;
        String command;

            addTrustedcommand = String.format(HOSTLIST, computername);
            audit.audit("Comand to add trusted host successfully ===> " + addTrustedcommand);
            audit.audit("Comand Returned successfully ===> " + addTrustedcommand);
            command = String.format(CREATE, computername , dirPath , userName, password);
            audit.audit("Created directory command  ===> " + command);

        List<String> list = executeCommand(command);
        log.audit("Created directory Returned successfully ===> " + command);


    protected List<String> executeCommand(String command)
            throws ExecuteException {
        try {
            // log command in audit file
            // execute command
            String commandArray [] = (command.split(" ")); 
            Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime();
            Process proc = runtime.exec(commandArray);
            // data stream
            List<String> dataList = readData(proc);
            if (dataList == null) {
                return new ArrayList<String>();
            } else
                return dataList;
        } catch (IOException ioEx) {

            throw new ExecuteException(
                "Failed to execute command: " + command);

Can anyone give me some idea as what to do?

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