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I am trying to stream audio from a microphone using python, specifically the PySoundCard Package. My code so for is:

import wave
from pysoundcard import Stream
from pysoundfile import SoundFile, ogg_file, write_mode

def getAudStreaming():
    with Stream as s:
        SF = SoundFile('new_audio_file_1.wav',

I believe that this is, so far, correct. I would like to

  • sample at 8 kHz,
  • frame the signal into 256 samples,
  • calculate energy of each sample
  • store these samples into an array,
  • and store the signal into the computer's memory.

I have only been using python for a few days, so this stuff is a bit difficult for me. Would anyone care to explain how I could implement these steps? I have an idea of how I should do it, but get jumbled up in the syntax. Thanks!

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What formula will you use to calculate the energy at each sample? –  Multimedia Mike Jun 25 '14 at 15:28

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