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How do I save an entity using Spring Data ElasticSearchTemplate? Can't find it in the documentation.

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I believe index() is the method for saving an entity in Elasticsearch using the template.

Take a look at this sample application that uses .index() to prepare a JUnit test:

public void before() {
        elasticsearchTemplate.refresh(Article.class, true);

        IndexQuery article1 = new ArticleBuilder("1").title("article four").addAuthor(RIZWAN_IDREES).addAuthor(ARTUR_KONCZAK).addAuthor(MOHSIN_HUSEN).addAuthor(JONATHAN_YAN).score(10).buildIndex();
        IndexQuery article2 = new ArticleBuilder("2").title("article three").addAuthor(RIZWAN_IDREES).addAuthor(ARTUR_KONCZAK).addAuthor(MOHSIN_HUSEN).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2000).score(20).buildIndex();
        IndexQuery article3 = new ArticleBuilder("3").title("article two").addAuthor(RIZWAN_IDREES).addAuthor(ARTUR_KONCZAK).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2001).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2000).score(30).buildIndex();
        IndexQuery article4 = new ArticleBuilder("4").title("article one").addAuthor(RIZWAN_IDREES).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2002).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2001).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2000).score(40).buildIndex();

        elasticsearchTemplate.refresh(Article.class, true);

You can, also, use bulkIndex for multiple indexes making use of Elasticsearch's bulk index feature.

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what about for updating and searching? – user962206 Jun 25 '14 at 6:57
For updates I think you have update() and for searching a lot other methods from the same template (query, count, queryForPage etc). I suggest having a look at the source code of ElasticSearchTemplate. – Andrei Stefan Jun 25 '14 at 7:00

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