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In my application i have to highlight some text (incorrect words) which are returned by an API to show in a multiline textbox. How to highlight specific words in the string returned by an API. My code is

 ServiceReference1.GetTextSoapClient c = new GetTextSoapClient();
 string text = c.GetTextFromImage(@"D:\Files\OCR\" + FileUpload1.FileName);
 txtContent.Text = text;
 List<string> list_Words = GetWords(text);

How to highlight specific words in text.

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if you just want to select a word in a multiline text box you must first find the word :

int start_index = textBox1.Text.IndexOf("word");

then highlight it :

textBox1.Select(start_index, word lenght);

but if you want to select multiple words and change the color , highlight background etc.... you must use rich text box

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