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I'm writing a custom AJAX-based Cart-Qty-Update method. Basically I'm giving it a quote item id and the new quantity. Then I'm doing the original magento logic for

$cart = $this->_getCart();

This works perfect. Now I'd like to give back the new quantity and (if they exist) the item messages (to check, if an item is out of stock). Quantity is no problem but the messages always report the item to be out of stock. Even if the new quantity is only 1 and the item has more than one available in stock. (A cart reload in the browser correctly shows, that the item is available).

Here is the code I use to get the item messages:

$item = $this->_getQuote()->getItemById($itemId);
$itemMessages = $item->getMessage(false);

I've found the checkData-call by looking at the magento code, but it doesn't solve my problem. No matter what quantity I set, it will always return that the item is out of stock.

I tried to load the quote item directly, but than item messages are always empty (even if setting quantity to much more than the available quantity). Calling checkData() on a directly loaded item fails (we use configurables and simples).

Does anyone has an idea, where the problem is? Why does the $item->getMessage()-Logik work, when I do a page reload, but not in an ajax request?

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