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I have ajax pagination:

class AjaxPager extends CLinkPager {

     protected function createPageButton($label,$page,$class,$hidden,$selected)
                if($hidden || $selected)
                        $class.=' '.($hidden ? $this->hiddenPageCssClass : $this->selectedPageCssClass);
                return '<li class="'.$class.'">'.CHtml::ajaxLink($label,$this->createPageUrl($page), array(
                    'data' => array('price_from'=>$_GET['price_from'],'price_to'=>$_GET['price_to']) 
                    ), array('id'=>'link-'.uniqid())).'</li>';


When i am on second page, click to view item details and go back, then i am on first page. I know i must use history.pushState but I don't know how use it in AjaxPager. Can you help me?

Edit: I add 'complete' => 'function(){ window.history.pushState({}, "", this.url); }', but when I use back button it loads only ajax content from cache, instead of layout with it. How to prevent this?

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