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Using a reference from... I have a serializable generic dictionary.

One thing I wanted to do is to add the Key into the Attribute nodes of the Values (just because It's how I wanted it formatted). Oftentimes, the Key is just a string. Is there any way to force the class to adhere to this? It is telling me that TKey cannot be cast to string from read.GetAttribute("Key"); on the Value node.

    while (reader.NodeType != System.Xml.XmlNodeType.EndElement)


        //TKey key = (TKey)keySerializaer.Deserialize(reader);


            TKey key = reader.GetAttribute("Name");

        TValue value = (TValue)valueSerializer.Deserialize(reader);


        this.Add(key, value); reader.ReadEndElement(); reader.MoveToContent();

Likewise, the corrosponding 'WriteXml'...


        keySerializaer.Serialize(writer, key);

            writer.WriteAttributeString("Name", key.ToString());
        TValue value = this[key]; 
        valueSerializer.Serialize(writer, value);

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It may oftentimes be a string. What about the times when it is not?

How would you handle that and serialize the arbitrary content to an attribute?

The original code used keySerializer.Serialize(writer, key); for a reason.

If you know explicitly that the key is a string, you can change the code to something like public class StringKeyDictionary<TValue> : Dictionary<string, TValue>, IXmlSerializable and use your code.

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