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How can I pass headers in grape with post method?

I am passing the header as follows. This method is not working.

resource :pay do
  post :new_order do
    key = header("#{params[:key]}")
    sign = header("#{params[:sign]}") 
    method = params[:method]
    nonce =
    order_type = params[:type]
    rate = params[:price]
    quantity = params[:amount]"")

The above API call is for click here

I passed the post request dynamically in chrome rest client. It gives the correct response. Check with

Method: post



key :ba57bca64f2adf4721dfd972392321608c38a955370f8349e11f679d




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You need to use the HTTParty gem for that.

For this example you don't need to use headers, you can use query param:"",
    :query => { :key => "ba57bca64f2adf4721dfd972392321608c38a955370f8349e11f679d", :sign => "551a7b9a02a4e3ad811cb9f40546135879978e18f1e35f3414410d77a2fdff183941f0593b913695eae18d9236eb3466e01e01026ffb95411e66042078d918a1" })

But if you need to use headers, you can code like that:"",
    :headers => { "HeaderExample" => "THISISMYAPIKEYNOREALLY"})
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